Sunday, 25 December 2011

Crime Jazz Unit #14

"Now… get up off the floor, wipe the blood from your mouth and think about what I really mean when I say 'keep quiet'!"
Welcome to Crime Jazz Unit #14
Including the Special Guest voice of Lucy Bush as 'The Starlette'

Track listing below:

                  Title                                         Artist
1 Mission Impossible                            Billy May
2 One Mint Julep                                 King Curtis
3 The Mod Squad Theme                      Al Caiola
4 The Munster's Theme                        Jack Marshall
5 Theme from Echo Four Two                Laurie Johnson
6 On Her Majesty's Secret Service         John Barry
7 The Boulevard of Broken Dreams        Sam Butera


  1. Hi, Mr. Detective, Crime Jazz Unit. Oh Dear, how nice to visit your blog. You do not need any bullets to kill me, but those playlists, photos, and your interesting stories. Thank you very much.

  2. Well well well Koukinobaaba…

    Bullets to kill you? Have you been complaining to our Mayor about our treatment of the criminals?

    Actually, I think you have a bit of a crush on me… Well, you wouldn't be the first…

    Here's looking at you…