Sunday, 22 January 2012

Crime Jazz Unit #16

"What do you mean I’m not being rational? It’s mercy, forgiveness and compassion I lack… Not rationality!"
Welcome to Crime Jazz Unit #16
Including the Special Guest voice of Andrew Sidney James Bean as 'Raffles: Gentleman Thief'

Track listing below:

                  Title                                         Artist
1 Rumble                                           Link Wray
2 Time Turf                                        Giuliano Sorgini
3 Work It                                           The Cinematic Orchestra
4 Beat For Beatniks                             John Barry
5 Sing Sing Sing                                 Benny Goodman
6 Late Night London                             Syd Dale
7 The Boss                                         Mancini, Steiner, Gersheson & Garcia


  1. i hear you each week, thanks so much for your excellent show !

  2. You are very welcome Juan Carlos… you sound like you are squeaky clean and stick to the right side of the law…

    Keep up the good work Citizen and spread the word...