Sunday, 19 February 2012

Crime Jazz Unit #18

"You think I despise you? Well… if I gave you any thought at all - I probably would…"
Welcome to Crime Jazz Unit #18
Including the Special Guest voice of Tara Love as 'The Hippy'

Track listing below:

                  Title                                         Artist
1 Melancholy Serenade                         King Curtis
2 Seniorita Boo Bam                            Neal Hefti Orchestra
3 Watermelon Man                              Herbie Hancock
4 Pampero                                         The Ted Nord Sound
5 Brawling Broads                                Roy Ayers
6 Lost In Space                                   Jerry Goldsmith
7 Ska                                                Jon Brion


  1. I click on the link and it goes to a black screen that has no sound. Me? You?

  2. Hmmm… sounds like you have the same issue I have when I drink too much…

    Copy and paste that into your browser and see how you like it!!!

  3. We've had the boys from the Crime Jazz Lab come up and take a look… they've tested it on our Macs and even in Homocide where they still use PCs… All worked fine - both clicking on link and taking the URL and copying into your browser…

    All I can suggest is that your computer doesn't like Libsyn for some reason - perhaps it feels they are a bunch of good for nothings…

    I suggest you head down to McCool's - get a tall one and see if one of the Dames from the typing pool can take your mind off missing this episode…

    Stay outta trouble now!!

  4. Must not like Mozilla. Took it to Explorer and it worked fine. 17 to go. Thanks