Sunday, 10 July 2011

Crime Jazz Unit #2

"Hello Detective, you're looking good…"

"Maybe Doll, but that's only on the outside, inside I'm black as coal."

Welcome to Crime Jazz Unit #2
including the special guest voice of Natalie Ruth Gudgeon as "The Lady of the Evening"

Click here to listen to the episode, if you've got the guts

Track listing below

         Title                                                   Artist

1 Laisse Tomber Les Filles                  France Gall
2 Secret Agent Man                             Hugo Montenegro and his Orchestra
3 Minor Bossa Nova                            Laurie Johnson
4 Drive In                                             Jon Brion
5 Mannix Theme                                 Jack McDuff
6 The Sweeney                                    Harry South
7 The Man With the Golden Arm        Billy May
8 la Fille Dans le Train                        Stereophonic Space Sound Unlimited

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