Sunday, 24 July 2011

Crime Jazz Unit #3

"Why don't you pull the cork and take a few hard slugs out of that bottle. It might do you a bit of good and perhaps it will numb that yap of yours and keep you quiet for a while."

Welcome to Crime Jazz Unit #3

Click here to listen to episode, if you've got the guts

Track listing below:

                  Title                                                                     Artist
1 Theme from The Sentimental Agent      Johnny Keating
2 Snakecharmer                                  Stereophonic Space Sound Unlimited
3 Ironside Theme                                 Quincy Jones
4 Scorpio Takes the Bait                        Lalo Schifrin
5 Theme from The Untouchables             Jack Costanza & his Orchestra
6 The Little Man Theme                         Henry Mancini
7 Champion House Theme                     The El-Le-Trics
8 International Detective Theme             Edwin Astley
9 Undercover Chase                              Al Caiola

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