Sunday, 7 August 2011

Crime Jazz Unit #4

"… if you insist on exercising your chops, I'd be happy to feed you a knuckle sandwich… No charge for delivery!

Welcome to Crime Jazz Unit #4

including the special guest voice of Graham Miselbach as "Word on the Street"

Track listing below:

          Title                                               Artist
1 Girl From Alcapuco               Stereophonic Space Sound Unlimited
2 Havana Interlude                   Leith Stevens
3 Orson Welles Theme             John Barry
4 Gritty Shaker                          David Holmes
5 Into the Night                         Lalo Schifrin
6 Cantaloupe Island                 Herbie Hancock
7 Lovely Head                            Goldfrapp
8 Danube Incident                    Lalo Schifrin...


  1. Saw your post at the Exotica Digest. Interesting blog concept. I will have to give your music a spin when I return to my hideout. ;)

  2. I was planning on taking on some Deputies; however, no one passed the test and noticed the wrong track listing had been posted.

    McCluskey must have been hitting the bottle a bit hard...

  3. I enjoyed your mp3s, cool and fun. Thank you very much.

  4. Well Koukinobaaba, you are welcome - you sound like a cool and fun type of girl! You certainly have good taste over in Japan!

    Stay out of trouble - I don't want to see you in the Crime Jazz Unit for the wrong reasons!

  5. thanks - love yourchoices