Sunday, 4 September 2011

Crime Jazz Unit #6

"… What's that? Oh, I don't mind if you don't like my manners, I don't like them myself. They're pretty bad… I grieve over them on long Winter evenings…"

Welcome to Crime Jazz Unit #6
including the special guest voice of Lucy John Paul Gudgeon as "The Girl from Nowhere"

Track listing below:

          Title                                               Artist
1 Hot Rod Rumble                                         Sandy Courage
2 Cool Move                                        Stereophonic Space Sound Unlimited
3 Cool                                                    Martin Denny
4 Spy Theme                                       Black Market Audio
5 Dopping 2000                                Freedom Power
6 Man from M.E.T.R.O  & Men from S.C.E.P.T.E.R
                                                                 The Metrolites - The Diplomats of Solid Sound
7 Theme from the Adventurer    The John Barry Orchestra
8 Twang                                                 Jack Costanza & his Orchestra

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