Sunday, 18 September 2011

Crime Jazz Unit #7

"… bonne chance Thomas!"
Welcome to Crime Jazz Unit #7
Including the Special Guest voice of Luke Cauldwell as 'The Drunk Driver'

Track listing below:

                  Title                                                                     Artist
1 Human Jungle                                   John Barry
2 Peter Popgun                                    The John Schroeder Orchestra
3 Fear Theme                                      Stereophonic Space Sound Unlimited
4 Mysteria                                           The Tikiyaki Orchestra
5 Charade                                           Si Zetner
6 Experiment in Terror                          Henry Mancini
7 There's No Satisfaction                       Hubler & Schwab
8 A Real Swinger                                  Syd Dale
9 Theme from The Professionals             London Studio Symphony Orchestra


  1. Great stuff, this will keep me busy listening for a while. Thanks

  2. Well Paul, idle hands do make work for the devil and if I see McCluskey pull you in here - trumped up charge or not - you'll be spending some time behind the wrong type of bars…

  3. These are great! Keep them coming!