Sunday, 2 October 2011

Crime Jazz Unit #8

"…Well well well, if it isn't Scottie from Scotland Yard!"

"Emm… My name's Anna and I work in Vice…"
Welcome to Crime Jazz Unit #8
Including the Special Guest voice of Geraldine McEwan as 'Scottie from Scotland Yard'

Track listing below:

                  Title                                                                     Artist
1 The Professionals Theme                    Laurie Johnson
2 The Mysterons Theme                        Barry Gray Orchestra
3 Theme from Dangerman                    Bob Leaper Orchestra
4 Delauncey's Dilemma                         The Modern Jazz Quartet
5 Peter Gunn Twist Tequila with a Twist   Ray Anthony
6 I Spy                                               Earle Hagen
7 Midnight at Gigi                                 Black Market Audio
8 New York Mood (A Haircut & a Fat Lip)  Tom Waits


  1. Really enjoying this series - thanks a lot and keep it up (as the actress said to the bishop).

    (If you want to listen at a tine of your choice, right click the link and choose Save link as.. to download as MP3.)

    Bryan J

  2. Thanks for the tip!!

    You sound like one of those Good Samaritan types… you know that like to help people.

    Perhaps you'd like to become a full time informant and snitch on some of those good for nothing friends of yours?