Monday, 22 August 2011

Crime Jazz Unit #5

"… I remember you as pretty noisy, all of a sudden you get quiet. Have you lost your book of answers or are you just waiting for your lawyer? Maybe you don't think that I like it when you play it shtump… but I'm getting used to it… and fast!"

Welcome to Crime Jazz Unit #5

Track listing below:

          Title                                               Artist
1 Theme Reprise                        The Cinematic Orchestra
2 Tubb's Theme                          The Skeletons
3 Theme from Ghost Squad     Tony Hatch & his Orchestra
4 Intoxicated Man                     Serge Gainsbourg
5 Beale Street                             Donald Byrd
6 The Lions & the Cucumber   Hubler & Schwab
7 Le Blon                                     City of Westminster String Band


  1. Le Blon is an excelent tune.

  2. Well well well Oracle…

    I see you are still a fine judge of music! I take you it you are still a fine judge of liquor as well…