Sunday, 15 April 2012

Crime Jazz Unit #22

" If you don’t have too much time... then pulverize the teeth, burn off the fingerprints, disfigure the face and then dress it up in some thrift store clothes and dump the body in a bad part of town…"
Welcome to Crime Jazz Unit #22
Including the Special Guest voice of Clive Painter as 'Mr Know It All'

Track listing below:

                  Title                                         Artist
1 Once Upon a Time                            Stan Getz
2 The Sleuth                                       Alan Tew
3 Jumbo Waltz                                    Reg Tisley
4 Return of the Saint                           Saint Orchestra
5 Experiment in Terror (Twist)              Henry Mancini                         
6 El Cumbanchero                               Don Swan
7 Soho                                              Laurie Johnson


    Some think that the "new" Mona Lisa was in fact painted at the same time as Leonardo's original, perhaps even at the same studio.

  2. I like your Detective work Professor Tiki… organised, factual and interesting. McCluskey and I were kicking around a few theories about these 'multiple Mona Lisas'.

    Here's what we came up with… Da Vinci was most likely a bit skint so took in some pupils to teach to paint. He then got this Dame Mona in to sit for the students… not nude though which I'm sure disappointed Leonardo's young apprentices…

    He taught them to paint 'his' way - leading by example - by painting along side them telling them what stroke to use, how much pressure and helping them mix their colours. Voila… a room full of Mona Lisas… Class dismissed. What do you do with students work… paint over it.

    Masterpiece or one of many…?

    I'd like to discuss your theory and deductions over a Boilermaker in McCool's next time you are in town.


    Detective, cju