Sunday, 29 April 2012

Crime Jazz Unit #23

" If you insist on flapping your yap, I will have you 'taken care of'… And by that,  I don't mean one of those top heavy Dames from the typing pool sitting on your lap giving you hugs and kisses and saying 'poor baby'..."

Welcome to Crime Jazz Unit #23
Including the Special Guest voices of Elizabeth & Danny Brosnan as 'The Detective's Parents' - pictured above June 25th 1952.

Track listing below:

                  Title                                         Artist
1 The Spacesuouno Sound                    Stereophonic Space Sound Unlimited
2 Viva Tyrado                                     El Chicano
3 Midnight Cowboy                              John Barry
4 Jane of the Jungle                            The's
5 Theme from I Spy                            Hugo Montenegro                        
6 The Man from UNCLE                        Ray Fischer
7 Fat Back                                         Link Wray


  1. Dearest Detective,

    We loved episode #23 and we want to thank you for having us as your special guests.
    We always thought you were a genius but now we know it for sure and we are so proud of you.

    With tons of love, Mom and Dad

  2. Thank you Mother… Thank you Father…

    Thanks for posting your comment about my genius… For years I have been trying to get girls to like me for my brains instead of my looks and muscles - perhaps this will help.

    I think you did quite a good job on this episode! You both get a gold star!

    Well done!

    Love, your son… Detective, CJU